Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Stuff

I found this little blurb on the internet so interesting. Why? Well, a couple of reasons ....
1. Someone took the time to report that someone else put their clothes on backwards.
2. Angelina Jolie actually put her clothes on backwards.
3. Zak has been putting his clothes on backwards for weeks now and I keep yelling at him to put them on the right way and Scott keeps yelling at me that no one is going to notice. Well, I guess some people do :)

I've been worrying about this man ever since he landed the plane in the Hudson River. Why?

Our country has a habit of turning hero's into villains. The hero does something great. Over the weeks following the event, their life is picked apart until some human mishap turns them back to the mortal human that they are. THANKFULLY, Mr. Sullenberger has avoided all of that nonsense. At least I think he has.

Times must be tough up at the Wisconsin Dells. We go to there with Scott's football group every winter. It's a good time. We won't be going this year. In the 2007 we spent $109 a night and in 2008 it went down to $99 a night for a nice room and all the indoor water park action you can stand. Well, I'm not sure what The Glacier Canyon resort was thinking but they've upped the ante this year. $249 a night. Oh, that does include a nice greasy breakfast or dinner buffet on the morning or night of your choice. Just one morning or night tho. Needless to say we are passing on the trip this year. Instead of going we're going to take the money that was set aside and join one of the local community pools for the summer. I think I'm more disappointed than the kids about not going. I was really looking forward to running down those dark halls again.

I missed registration for the Shuffle. My tri-mate sent me a message letting me know the race closed this week. My procrastination helped me make up my mind. I've gotta find a local race me and the pre-school moms can do. Maybe I can talk them into doing the du. I love that race. I think they would too.

Well, I'm off to the last soccer game of the season. The kids keep calling it the "Championship Game" I don't have the heart to remind them they've only won 1 game this season. It's all good.

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