Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stuff ...

I seem to be finding a lot to write about lately.

I got a pair of Ugg knock offs for Christmas from my mom. In general, I get cold. Really, really cold, really fast. I've seen girls wearing these boots for a while now but always thought 2 things, 1. They are the ugliest boots ever. 2. I wouldn't never pay that much money for those boots. (Well, now that I'm a mom and not working I wouldn't pay that much money) But I always wondered, are they as warm as they look? Well, the knock offs are. If I could sleep in them I would, but they're pretty dirty now, so I won't. If you seem walking around in my boots, remember, I'm not trying to be hip and cool, yes I know they don't have the little UGG tag on the back and yes, my feet are warm and toasty. Oh, the negative to them - they have no traction what so ever. I guess that's what happens when you only pay $34.99.

We switched cable/internet service a couple of weeks back. The TV package included a dvr. Holy smokes. This little thing is my new best friend. I love this thing. I've been recording everything and anything I can think of and then deleting it cause I really don't want to watch it. I am keeping the yoga stuff though. After getting this I've realized I need to write USA Network a letter asking them to stop playing the same 20 episodes of House over and over. I guess they don't realize House is in it's 6th season, if there are 24 episodes in a season, then they have 120 episodes to pick from (I'm not inculding the current season which isn't finished with the year yet.)

I'm trying not to buy bottled water. SI suggested that I consider buying filters. So Scott and I were in Costco last week. We find the Brita water pitcher and I'm thinking this would be a good start. We take it home and follow the directions. I'm excited cause I know this is the answer to my problem. About 3 hours after refrigerating the water I drink a glass. Hmmm, not to bad, I guess. Well, by Sunday night I wasn't being nice. It was AWEFUL!!! We have some hard water where I live. Our water softner is set as high as it can go. Not because we like setting it that high but because if we don't we'll be replacing our shower heads, dish washer and washing machine every other year. Yes, it's that hard. So, I'm gonna have to find something a little more industrial if I want to go "green" and save our landfills.
Thankfully we had 1 more 2.5 gallon jug of "good" water left. I'm drinking that now. I'm thinking I'm gonna run the water thru the pitcher twice for a while. You know, fill the pitcher from the tap, pour the water out of the pitcher into another pitcher and then pour it back into the Brita. UGH! I'll let you know if it works.

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