Sunday, May 31, 2009

OK Sybil - What's Up With the Vacation Stories

My sister and I used to say "Okay Sybil" when ever we thought the other one was sounding a little crazy. For those who don't know who Sybil is, well you were probably born after the late 70's. Look her up. Not to diminish her story - very sad story.

The hubby always tells me there are 3 sides to every story. Your's, their's and the truth. Well, I think it's pretty much that way in life. We had a great time on vacation but it had it's share of "moments". I have a habit of making life sound grand. Well, most of the time. After reading my 1st post I realized how I was sounding so thought I would mix a little reality into it with the 2nd post. Which has now lead to this post. And I think I've said just about all I need to about our trip. So, end of story.

I'm getting ready to ride with the group this a.m. Rode with R on Friday. Things were good for a while and then some of the big kids came out to play. Argh - the peer pressure to hang with the older crowd. They're a little fast for me :) MJ did stay with me though. Big heart :) :)

I'm trying again today. My stomach is in knots but it'll all be good. I'm taking it slow. Gotta take it slow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Erickson Family Vacation

We got lost. A lot. We got lost going there. Coming back to Cincinatti from Newport Kentucky. Coming home. We got lost in Kings Island. Did I say we got lost alot?

Someone forgot to tell me how expensive amusement parks have become. Holy crap. $47.99 to get in? Insult to the cost, we had to pay adult admission for the kids because we might be coming back on Monday. Then we get charged, and I'm not exaggerating this - $38.81 for lunch at Subway. Yes, 3 sandwiches, 2 bags of chips, 3 sodas (you had to buy medium cause they didn't have small) and 1 water cost almost $40. I wanted to tell the kids to eat slowly and enjoy every bite cause they wouldn't be eating again until breakfast. A 2 hour trip through the aquarium was 66 bucks! What are they feeding those fish that it costs a family of 4 that much money to walk around and look at a bunch of fish tanks?

Since I'm complaining - why would they open a water park and not provide towels for the guests? Or at the very least, let guests know on the website to make sure you bring your own towels.

Here are some great family pics of our "fun filled" vacation ....

You know you're kids are outgrowing the kids section of the amusement park when they start punching the cardboard likeness of their favorite cartoons ....

My kids never fight - except for every 20 seconds. There's always an opportunity to fight about something, like "hey did you just sit there? Cause I was gonna sit there so get up and let me sit there" .....

Here's my beautiful daughter smiling for the camera. Life is just to short and precious not to capture it with pictures.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Family Vacation (4 Great Days/3 Fun Filled Nights in Mason OH)

We took the kids for a long week-end to Mason Ohio. Mason is just northeast of Cincinatti. Kings Island amusement park is there along with the local mall, movie theather and fun family restaurants. The amusement park was great. They have scaled down just about all the adult rides so the kids can get the same experience. We spent 10 1/2 hours there, between the riding the rides and playing at the outdoor waterpark. Both parks were including for 1 admission price!

On Sunday we travels about 20 minutes down the interstate to Newport Kentucky. There is a fun aquarium there. We first saw this place on an episode of Ace of Cakes. It's very hands on, interactive. Chicago has a great aquarium but I think they could learn a thing or 2 from this place.

The weather was warm. Just what I was hoping for. Packed plenty of sunscreen, shorts, tees and bathing suits. I think the family needed a get away and it was definitely time well spent :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

F O U R MILES - I'll Take It :)

Last week the heart rate went up again. After a 4 mile walk jog, I couldn't get it to come down. I was beside myself! I would have invited you to the pity party but I was to embarrassed by how I was dealing with my disappointment to share it with anyone.

Got on the trainor Friday and everything seemed good. Walked Saturday and Sunday.

Monday woke up, emailed Randich and asked if he was up for a run. Was supposed to go with him last week but cancelled do to the pity party.

We got 4 miles in. F O U R miles. And it was great! I'm not sure why. Of course I have disected every step I took, what I was wearing, what I ate for breakfast, how much water I drank before, during and after the run and so much more. Haven't come up with a legimate answer for feeling so good, other than it was just good :)

Now, don't misinterpret a GREAT RUN with - "I'm running like I used to". We averaged 10:06 miles. My max avg. hr was in the low 170's. So I have some work to do. But if I look at a very similar run Care and I had last winter, my hr avg. in the 180's and we were about 30 sec. slower. So, things are slowly improving.

I'll take slowly improving to a pity party anyday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Things are Good, ok, Good

I was worried about attending my friend Michelle's benefit on Saturday. Without beta blockers (my anxiety meds) I truly was afraid of some kind of meltdown. I was worried about seeing my frail friend but after being at the event for just about 5 minutes I felt someone come from behind and give me a huge hug. It was a real hug too, not just a "put your arms around you and pat them on the shoulder hug." It was Michelle and it was good to see her. There are very few things I hate in this world. Cancer is at the top of my hate list. I know I said I wouldn't use this word but I have to say it .... FUCK YOU cancer. And how dare you do this to my friend. That's all I will say because the benefit was successful and the mood was very upbeat and positive.

It was nice to see so many people. To talk to Ken and MJ, Barbara and Jeff. There was a lot of small talk but some people I got to catch up on things. Dennis was there and I'm complaining to him about my weight and he tells me that I look better with a couple extra pounds on. I was looking a little tired and my eyes were sinking in my head (I think that's what he said) - Now he tells me :)

There are 2 things that I just can't seem to surrender to and one of them is the weight. About 2 weeks ago I couldn't sleep. I got on the scale at 2 in the morning and what does it read - I'm about to publicly say this - 127.8 pounds! Yup, the last time I weighed that much I was about 4 months pregnant, with twins. I completely freaked out. Which is hard to do quietly because I have a sleeping husband and children upstairs. While in my jammies I jumped on my bike and rode the trainer for 2 hours - like the 2 hour ride was going to just dissolve away the weight. Then did about 20 minutes of yoga. Then tried to sleep. About half way thru the next morning I had this extremely settling thought - was I going to make myself miserable for the rest of my life if I had to stay 127.8 pounds? It was a weird, comforting thought. Well, I didn't surrender to it. Instead I truthfully assessed my diet and made some changes. Like no bread or pasta for a while and no candy. For real no candy. I picked up all the left over Easter candy in the house and opened it and then threw it away. If I didn't open it and just threw it out I would definitely go fishing for it. Yes, I said it. That's how addicted I am to candy.

I'm feeling better about the weight thing now. It's hard though. It's hard not having a long run to fall back on to help you lose an extra pound or 2 - or in my case 10. And I must admit. I am one to skip a meal just to help me feel thin. Well, I can't do that right now. Had to eat to have the meds work properly and certainly couldn't go for the long run. I hoping I will continue my healthy eating habits and not fall back into the nasty ways that I used as a crutch.

I told Caroline the story about getting on the bike at 2 a.m. and she was laughing and said, "now that would be a good picture to use for the club year end video!" Yeah, I can see it now - UGH! :) I told her I'm gonna get so big, I'm gonna be the fat one on the news. They'll have to knock down a wall to get me out of my house and I'll be holding my IMOO medal crying at the camera - "but I'm an Ironman, this can't be happening." All right all of the hard core Ironman readers - I know I'm just a Wisconsin Ironman. I'll be to fat to say all that without feeling winded.

Thursday is the day. "A" day. Ablation day. I'll write about how it goes. Let's hope the radiologist gets a good night sleep. I'm ready to get this done and over with.