Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday, January 14, 1994

It was cold that day. Really, really cold. A lot like today.

What do I remember most about that day ....

Scott kissing me goodbye when he left for work, it wasn't like his usual kiss.

I was leaving for Disney world, my first marathon. It was difficult to go because I knew that when I came home my life wasn't going to be the same life I had.

Picking my mom, Patty, Keri and all the kids up and heading to the airport.

Jessica, in her little tiny high pitched 6 year old voice saying, "there's uncle Scott." and me laughing to myself because Scott was at work. 12 feet underground, preparing for a new parking garage to go up. I was wrong, there he was, standing there at the security check point, Carharts on, just standing there. The cold cancelled work. I choked up. I kissed him again, it still didn't feel the same. It's wasn't like it is now, he was able to walk me to the terminal. It was a quiet walk.

Me, Jessica and Timothy watching the plane crew defrost the wings of the plane. Wondering if I was going to get to Orlando. There was no way I could stay in Chicago, I had to get to Orlando. I was wondering if O'Hare had any luck with the planes.

Finally boarding the plane but not moving, while the crew defrosted the wings again. Was this safe? Were we ok doing this?

Getting in the air and knowing that yes, we were going to be ok. That I was going to be ok if I just took everything one step at a time. Just like the marathon.

Life will throw things at you, just to see if you are paying attention. Whether it be illness, financial crisis or the countless other things that can happen to a mundane ordinary life.

When I signed up for my first marathon I had no idea I would be leaving to complete my new journey, only to start an unexpected one when I returned home.

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