Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Day at a Time

It's Saturday. In the morning. I've almost made it thru the week. I took one day off of training. Wednesday.

I'm feeling good. Changed the diet. Eating healthy again. It's funny how the Ironman made me think I could do anything and EAT anything. :)

I have a neighbor. She's a nice lady. She's perfect. We all know people like this. Perfect hair, makeup, clothing always ironed. In the summer her lawn is manicured, bushes trimmed, windows washed. In the winter the snow is shoveled from her drive and sidewalk just after it's done falling.

I don't live like that. Sometimes I wish I did. Honestly though, it just doesn't feel natural to me. That's not a cop out excuse either, it just doesn't feel right. Ok, I'm getting off track, again.....

So me and the perfect neighbor are standing together on my snow covered driveway, waiting for the kids to come home on the bus. She turns to me and asks, "So you haven't taken down your Christmas decorations yet huh?" I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. I know it was a rather rude response but it was obvious I hadn't, they're still up - you can see them in the window. I gave her some lame excuse why I haven't. I think I'll keep em up for 2 more weeks just to see if she says something again :)

So today I will run home from soccer and do some yoga. Then we will go sledding. Tomorrow, the group is meeting at Swallow Cliff. It will either be a trail run, if the ice isn't bad or a street run. Thankfully we will have an option. I have to remember to keep my own pace. If I just remind myself of that it should be a great run.

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