Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Can Not Believe It ....

Ok, I can't believe it. Truly, I'm just so frustrated.

I have a cold!

This sucks! I usually feel something coming on but not this one. Oh no. This one side swiped the bageezes out of me yesterday. Aches, chills, sore throat. The kids are looking at me as if some strange entity has taken over my voice. I sound possessed. So, training has stalled. And quite honestly, I don't think over training brought this on. Why, cause I'm taking it so easy, what I'm doing really can't be called training. It's just plain fun. I'm hoping tomorrow things will start to feel better and I'll get on the trainer for a while.
H O P I N G.

In the mean time, I was up almost all of last night with coughing and burning in the throat. What's a girl to do when she can't sleep? Why channel surf of course. I stumbled across "Real House Wives of Orange County". I was shocked. Holy crap. Ok, if any poor mother working just to keep her family fed, living in a 3 room apartment wants to feel better about her life, she should watch this show. I turned this program off, after watching in disbelief for 2 hours, feeling so much better about what I have and who I am. Ok, might be sounding a little judgemental here but come on ladies, you're middle age, stop trying to look like your teenage daughters and cover up with a shirt or dress that fits! I guess I wasn't that disgusted by it cause I still couldn't sleep this morning and watched it again! Utto, I might be addicted. Deal or No Deal has just been replaced.


DougJ said...

The Real Housewives is Sheila's favorite show to hate ;-)

For the cold - go swimming. The chlorine will act as a disinfectant and you can just let your nose run... Gross, but who else know? It's probably better than people who pee in the pool.

Don't you miss my "words of wisdom"? ;-)

DougJ said...

Sheila says it is her favorite show to watch while on the ERG/Rowing machine. She also said to keep an eye out for the all new "Real Housewives of New York" - another bizarre show that in some ways is even better/worse than OC.