Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sicker Than a Dog

Who made that expression up? Sicker than a dog? My mom used to say it when I was a kid. "I talked to so and so's mom, they won't be in school for a week - they're sicker than a dog". It's a weird way to put things but I find myself saying it now. The end of this week my house was "sicker than a dog".

The kids caught a flu bug early in the week. I kept them home from school on Wednesday. Both kids had temps over 100. Funny thing about a stomach bug is even if you don't have it you start to feel like you do after cleaning up after kids. Sorry, hope you aren't eating as you read this. Thursday Scott starts with a cough. Friday, he's got a high fever, he won't take his temp because, he is a man, you can feel the heat coming off of him just standing by him. He goes to work and comes straight home and crawls into bed. I can feel it coming on too. My ears are plugged and throat burns. By Saturday morning I'm miserable. Everything aches. The head, the legs, the head, my arms, the head, you get the idea.

I call Bubba and tell him I won't be running with him today. If I start feeling better I'll run thru my neighborhood and meet up with him tomorrow. Classic flu. Don't want to eat or drink anything but know I have to. What I do eat, well it doesn't taste. The kids are really good as their father lay in bed and then on the couch downstairs and I do my best to get what ever they need for the day. Dang, the pounding head won't stop. I nap from 2:30 to 4:30. I hate taking a nap when I'm sick. You never really rest. You have strange dreams and wake up off and on the whole time.

It's Sunday. I didn't run at all this week-end. I'm starting to feel better. Food tastes again. Tomorrow I'll get out there and get some miles in. Ugh! I was supposed to taper next week. Well, looks like the taper was this week-end instead.


RunBubbaRun said...

Glad your feeling better.

Really missed running with ya in the AM.. All this long running does suck..

Reacap of what you missed. Coyotes yelping/fighting in the distance. Seeing 3 of them together minutes laster. JQ dogs runs faster than me.. Trails are still full of snow..

The Clyde said...

I had the same thing Thurs-Sat this past week...totally knocked me out of commission. I feel for you, hope you're better today.