Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's the Deal ....

Here's the DEAL on Wednesday 3/12/08 .....

We walked to school this morning. Of course we had to walk really, really fast because the fire breathing dragons were chasing us. This is a very interesting way to start your day. Needless to say we got to school in record time. It's amazing what a little sunshine and an imagination can do to brighten your day.

Oh, got 6 miles in after dropping off the kids. No wind, no ice, no snow. YEAH!

Well, the friendly lady, from Deal or No Deal, that I wanted to win the million didn't. I was so bummed. I watched until she made the deal. She had the million dollar case. She sold it for $206,000.00 UGH! She seemed happy to get the money she got. Wanted to be to the pool by 8 p.m. so I missed meeting the next contestant. Scott ended up watching until the end and he thinks the guy is going to win on Monday. Now he's hooked too. :)

We finally worked out an agreement with the local Masters Swim group for the tri club to swim on Wednesday and Friday nights. We have the blessed fortune of having 2 very experienced swimmers coaching us. Bernie and MJ. They aren't asking for anything. NOTHING. ZIP. I've said before and I'll keep saying how much I appreciate what they are doing for us. I was disappointed that they didn't make it in the paper. Oh, did I mention the local paper did a short story on our group?

I love the picture of the gang in the pool. Aren't they a handsome group? :)

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MJ said...

This is a great picture!! It's excellent exposure for your club. I like the article, too.

But I have to ask you...Deal or No Deal? You're making me question your judgement!