Monday, March 24, 2008

Stuck in My Head

The following are conversations that I had last week that are now stuck in my head ....

Wednesday 3/19

Bernie - I really don't mind long rides in the wind.
Me - Is it because you are able to relax your body and your mind and just ride.
Bernie - (with a big smile and a long pause, while shaking his head up and down) Yeah.

Saturday 3/22 - Morning

Donna - I'm running Boston with Lori. I'm going to Bandit.
Me - How cool is that!
Donna - Yeah, well I know some people are against it but I think the race knows it happens and they just kind of accept it.
Me - That is so cool!

Saturday 3/22 - Night

Zak - I really hope the Easter bunny brings me that bag from Costco.
Me- What if he doesn't?
Zak - Well, he's my friend and I like him so I'll forgive him.

I'm the classic person that complicates life to the point that I forget to stop and enjoy. While running yesterday, after Easter dinner, these three conversations stuck in my mind until I disected them over and over and over again. Funny, I came up with the same bottom line for all of them ..... life is simple so keep it that way. I know we are living in a world where Oprah is promoting this concept and authors are making millions from it. I've never been able to concentrate long enough to finish a book so to come to this realization without reading is good. Actually it's one I already knew, it's one we all know but need to be reminded of every once in a while.

To ride and just enjoy, to run and just enjoy, to have friends and just enjoy them. That's life. To complicate with weather, or time, or words is nothing more than a waste of energy.

So my goal this spring and a spring in the years to come .... ride into the wind with a smile, I'll pick the bugs out later, bandit the Boston marathon - I think that's the only way I will take the pressure off myself and enjoy every step! and Love my family and friends.


RunBubbaRun said...

I think NOW your ready, young apprentice to become a trail/ultra runner.

To enjoy the world through snow covered trails and remember bugs are a good source of protein as well..

Maybe I will tag along with you at Boston and stand at the back also.

IronJenny said...

I am late to reading your post on the topic, but I am reading the Oprah book, taking the class, and studying my notes with a girlfriend. I think this is what tipped me over the edge of NOT doing Ice Age. I have been doing a ton of soul searching this this E=class started...