Monday, February 25, 2008

Willy Nilly

This post is not going to read very well. I'm tired. The week-end was filled with 4 hour run Saturday, 3.5 run Sunday. Waw! I'm tired.

Last week was a weird week that only got weirder. Saturday morning put the cherry on the weird sundae. I can't go into details, it wouldn't be fair to the other person involved to discuss the situation. But it definitely reinforced the fact that life can throw a curve ball right at ya when you least expect it.

Dennis, Caroline and I were running yesterday. It sucked. I was tired physically and emotionally. I wanted to quit, go home and crawl into bed and not get out for a week. I must have twisted my ankle 100 times, ok, I'm exaggerating, 20 times, on the icy, snowy rutted surface we were running on. You know how it works, you run, you twist, you stumble, you try not to use 4 letter words. At about mile 8 Dennis had to fix his shoe/foot. I was helping him and this runner just casually trots by us. Just happy as could be. The way I usually feel when I'm not so freak'n tired. Bouncing his way along. "Show off" I softly said. Well, Caroline and Dennis were shocked. You would have thought I called him a dirty bastard.

Wasted 90 calories on Hammer Gel. I've been trying to watch my calorie intake lately. Nothing extreme. I've noticed when I hit 40 things definitely have slowed down. I used to eat and eat during marathon training without any trouble of gaining anything. Well, those days are gone. Anyway, took the Hammer gel with terrible results. I should remember to stick with what I know what works. I definitely need caffeine with my gel. An hour after taking the Hammer I took the old reliable Power Bar Gel and felt better after 20 minutes.

Saturday's run was great. Got out on the road at 5:10 and was done by 9:20. Caroline joined me again. The run went quickly. We ran about 3 miles on a frozen path but we were cautious. With about a mile or so left Scott calls me and gives me the news that just kind of threw me in a spin. Ugh!!! I get home and have to get Gracie ready for a Hannah Montana Birthday Party. Imagine 25 little girls with blond wigs singing and dancing for 2 and 1/2 hours. Needless to say the day only got weirder.

Week in weird -

Go to see my niece at school. Google map her school to get directions. Print them. Drive down there. The directions take us to a grade school. The kids are excited to see a playground at their cousins college! Um, we are definitely lost.

Go for my run Tuesday. I'm headed up my street and see what I think is a dog. Kind of small and manege looking. Get a little closer. It's a coyote. I live in suburbia. I yell scat and he slowly moves along. He almost looked like he needed a friend or a good piece of meat.

Gracie's looking pale. She fought an ear infection 2 weeks ago. Remember, we went to the Dells. Well just before the trip the infection started. The doc didn't say not to go on the trip but did say "use your best judgement". Well I didn't use my best judgement because she still has the infection. The doc was being nice when he told me "it was the antibiotic failed here". Hmmm . Did he really think that would make a catholic raised mom feel better?

One good thing, one very good thing is the swimming workouts with our club. It amazes me. We have found 2 people that love to swim. They love the sport of triathlon. They truly want nothing more than to watch people improve their swimming. That's it. No money, no clothing, no dinner from time to time. Why is life like that? Some people want you to sign a contract in blood and hand over your first child when they give you something and others do it for the pure enjoyment of just doing.

I won't be asking what this week? Can life get any weirder? I know better than to ask that.


IronJenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours, too! I am doing my first 50 miler in May, and I see you have long distance events in your calendar, too.
I thought your week was weird jst by the fact that you did a 4 hr run on Sat; and a 3.5 on Sunday!
I guess I need to start getting in weekend milage like that.

RunBubbaRun said...

Yes it was a crazy week for you..

Why you ran 4 hours then 3.5 over the weekend, I think that was little crazy..

Hope the kids are better and thanks for letting me tag along on sunday.