Monday, March 3, 2008

Confession Time

Ok, have to put this out there. After spending a week in the house with sick kids and a sicker hubby I have been reduced to watching a lot of TV. Which can really turn your brain to mush. With that said, I have a new addiction. I can not get enough of "Deal or No Deal". Have you seen it? It's like watching a live scratch off lottery ticket. The contestants start out so certain they have the million dollar case and by the end of the show are crying because they have to decide if they should settle for less than what the fantasized they had. Now that's great TV huh? Soon I'll be back out there in the real world and Howie, his girls & their cases, and the ultra secretive banker can suck somebody else into the world of game show TV.

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IronJenny said...

I Love t.v.!!!! In my dreams I would have a whole day to snooze on the couch and watch endless t.v. I like Survivor, Project Runway and Divine Design... haven't watched Deal or No Deal ... yet.