Monday, March 10, 2008

M O N E Y ! ! !

So I'm running Sunday morning with Caroline and Dennis. Caroline has to make a pitstop. We trying getting into the local high school but it's locked up. So we head over to Dunkin Dounuts. She goes in. It's pretty chilly so we start running around the parking lot to stay warm. We travel about 200 yrds from the building and I see a dollar on the ground. Then I see another one and another. MONEY! I squeal. It was all over the ground. It was the weirdest thing because it was blowing but it wasn't going anywhere, part of it was frozen to the ground. I ended up with $4 and Dennis with $8. He was lucky enough to get a $5 bill. He offered me a $1, I think to even the find but I couldn't take it. I didn't pick it up in time :) He told Caroline he never saw me move so fast. FUNNY! Really, because I some how saw myself trying to balance on some slippery spots of ice and pick up the money at the same time. Not pretty.

I was happy to get 2 hours in Sunday. I hardly coughed and felt pretty good once we got going. I moved slow but it was all good. Next week-end is a long one. 4 hours Saturday / 5 hours Sunday. I'm doubling my vitamin C and trying to get as much rest as possible. :)

Oh, if you read this on Monday. Be sure to watch Deal or No Deal tonight. I think someone's going to win the million dollars!!! I'm so excited. I'll keep you posted :)


RunBubbaRun said...

I'm actually watching the show right now..

Hmm I think we should have a tally at the end of the year and see how much money we find while running.

Great job running, the fun is just beginning.

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! Money would make me move too!