Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Staycation Day #65

Welcome - pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee and a cookie. Enjoy the following slide show of our family staycation day #65. Ah, life is good.

Oh, and don't worry, tomorrow I won't post a bunch of pictures of what my kids really looked like during the day. This day really was pretty much as good as it could get.

Called the hubby to tell him we arrived - ask him were he is and he tells me to look up - he's in that little cage - the kids were jumping up and down at this point :)
Yes, it's moments like this, when you're lucky enough to capture it in a picture, that make life so great. Then the moment gets topped off when Zak says - "Mom, I'm so lucky I get to wear dads sweat for the rest of the day". And he meant it, now I guessing right around the time he turns 10 or so, he'll make a comment more like, "Get that sweaty helmet away from my head - that's disgusting."

After this pic we kissed daddy good bye and made our way over to the beach.

I was starting to wear thin on our walk over to the beach. What's a suburban mother to do when she starts to run out of fuel - why head into the local Starbucks of course. It worked.

See that long dot in the center of the picture? That's a momma and her baby ducks swimming. Thought it was pretty funny to see them out there. This is considered "Tri" beach, I've never seen ducks swimming in this area before. And she was swimming fast. Must be the training she does out there.
The water was a bit cold for Zak :)

Not Gracie though. She was posed and ready to tackle what ever came her way.

Zak loved hanging on the beach and pretending he was Godzilla, eating the heads off of sand people.

Mmmmm, Starbucks lemon glazed cake. Refreshing after a lake front swim.

Who has time to stop and eat when there is so much sand to dig in?

This picture is one of many attempts to try and capture the kids playing at the beach for this years Christmas card. I don't think this picture will work. The lovely ladies in the back ground may be to much for some of the older card recipients to handle.

Gave up on the pictures and told the kids to just have some fun.

We made a new friend. This little boy spoke very little english. He knew water. They played for about an hour and half and had a blast.

Ok, I know you see my kids, but just in front of them is what I'm trying to photograph. Zak pulled this pile from the lake. There was more than this actually. He wanted to take it home for dad. Hmmm.

He's trying to convince me here that he can carry the load back to the car and not get tired. He succeeded. Half way back to the car though we stopped and dumped about half the load and then guess who carried the bags from there. It wasn't Zak or Grace :)

In order to avoid some of the crazy commuter traffic, we stopped at McDonalds for dinner before getting in the car. We found where we were on the map and I had the kids point it out.

Yes, fries, chicken nuggets and orange drink, the best way to finish a great day.

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