Monday, August 17, 2009

Nasal Sinuses, Where?

So, I've been battling a summer cold for a couple of weeks now.

Blamed the mildew cup but the endocrinologist said that I would have gotten rid of that as quickly as I drank it.

I had enough of dealing with the coughing and not being able to breath and was lucky enough to score an appointment with a nasal sinus guy down by the hubby's new building.

I thought I was feeling better when I woke up the morning of my appointment. On the drive down the cough from the post nasal drip started and I was glad I didn't cancel. I hate coughing in elevators. It was hard holding it in on my ride up.

The door for the docs office had a nose for a handle. Which I guess is cute but you had to put your hand up the nose to get the door open. Kind of gross.

After a brief consult with the doc, he has me sit in what looked a lot like a dental chair. He's talking but I can't really hear what he's saying cause he's approaching with what looks like a thin knitting needle. Um, okay, I'm thinking my nose is about to be terribly violated. And it was. I was seeing red. Did you know if you put a red light up your nose you can see that red light from the inside, without a mirror. I didn't until last Friday. I'll try not to be to graphic with what I'm about to say next - I'll use his words. "I can't see anything, I have to give you a decongestant spray. You go for your CT scan and we'll try again. when you come back" He told me that after he plunged the long stick in and out about 5 or 6 times. OUCH!

Well, the bottom line. My sinuses are covered in infection. He told me he would show me my sinuses on the CT scan but you can't see them, it's nothing but grey on the picture, where my sinuses should be. He went on to say he's not sure what caused it. It could be anything or a little bit of everything, the ablation, the cup, the allergies and so on.

So, I have drugs, lots of them and I will take them. And rest. I have to go buy some more kleenex now.

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