Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Life Changing"

Last winter I doubted the term "Life Changing".

I watched the movie "Gone Baby Gone" and couldn't stop thinking about how people throw around the catch phrase life changing. I believed then that we eventually all return to our bad habits and the way we treat people.

Well, it's August and I have to say, I now believe that "life changing" experiences do take place. I have to also say that we are all different, obviously, so what affects one person may not have any affect or impact on the guy sitting next to you.

Since starting this hyperthyroidism journey, I was forced to stop drinking caffeine. I was certain once the problem was taken care of I would return to my morning Cinnamon tea habit. Well, I'm here to say I haven't. As a matter of fact, I don't even like the taste of the tea anymore. Huh, go figure. I still love having some icy cold coca cola or a hot chia tea latte but I don't need it everyday.

But that's not the only thing that has changed. For many, many, MANY YEARS, I have been a time obsessed person. Not in the sense that I'm always on time, (the hubby wishes I were like that) no, I mean in the sense that I had to wear a watch and check the time. Like every 5 minutes obsessed. And I would time everything from a waitress in a restaurant to a movie we were watching. For some reason, that has ended. I no longer wear a watch. I really don't care to. It's the craziest thing. I honestly just don't need to know anymore.

My 45th year is in my drive way getting ready to knock on my door so we can start the party. Part of me is dreading it. I can't believe 44 years of my life have gone by. I'm definitely greyer and the fine lines on the face are getting "finer" but part of me is looking forward to the future. and what tomorrow is going to bring. Why? because nothing is written in stone. Who know maybe I'll even become a better speller. :)

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