Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Family Vacation (4 Great Days/3 Fun Filled Nights in Mason OH)

We took the kids for a long week-end to Mason Ohio. Mason is just northeast of Cincinatti. Kings Island amusement park is there along with the local mall, movie theather and fun family restaurants. The amusement park was great. They have scaled down just about all the adult rides so the kids can get the same experience. We spent 10 1/2 hours there, between the riding the rides and playing at the outdoor waterpark. Both parks were including for 1 admission price!

On Sunday we travels about 20 minutes down the interstate to Newport Kentucky. There is a fun aquarium there. We first saw this place on an episode of Ace of Cakes. It's very hands on, interactive. Chicago has a great aquarium but I think they could learn a thing or 2 from this place.

The weather was warm. Just what I was hoping for. Packed plenty of sunscreen, shorts, tees and bathing suits. I think the family needed a get away and it was definitely time well spent :)

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