Thursday, May 21, 2009

F O U R MILES - I'll Take It :)

Last week the heart rate went up again. After a 4 mile walk jog, I couldn't get it to come down. I was beside myself! I would have invited you to the pity party but I was to embarrassed by how I was dealing with my disappointment to share it with anyone.

Got on the trainor Friday and everything seemed good. Walked Saturday and Sunday.

Monday woke up, emailed Randich and asked if he was up for a run. Was supposed to go with him last week but cancelled do to the pity party.

We got 4 miles in. F O U R miles. And it was great! I'm not sure why. Of course I have disected every step I took, what I was wearing, what I ate for breakfast, how much water I drank before, during and after the run and so much more. Haven't come up with a legimate answer for feeling so good, other than it was just good :)

Now, don't misinterpret a GREAT RUN with - "I'm running like I used to". We averaged 10:06 miles. My max avg. hr was in the low 170's. So I have some work to do. But if I look at a very similar run Care and I had last winter, my hr avg. in the 180's and we were about 30 sec. slower. So, things are slowly improving.

I'll take slowly improving to a pity party anyday.

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