Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Erickson Family Vacation

We got lost. A lot. We got lost going there. Coming back to Cincinatti from Newport Kentucky. Coming home. We got lost in Kings Island. Did I say we got lost alot?

Someone forgot to tell me how expensive amusement parks have become. Holy crap. $47.99 to get in? Insult to the cost, we had to pay adult admission for the kids because we might be coming back on Monday. Then we get charged, and I'm not exaggerating this - $38.81 for lunch at Subway. Yes, 3 sandwiches, 2 bags of chips, 3 sodas (you had to buy medium cause they didn't have small) and 1 water cost almost $40. I wanted to tell the kids to eat slowly and enjoy every bite cause they wouldn't be eating again until breakfast. A 2 hour trip through the aquarium was 66 bucks! What are they feeding those fish that it costs a family of 4 that much money to walk around and look at a bunch of fish tanks?

Since I'm complaining - why would they open a water park and not provide towels for the guests? Or at the very least, let guests know on the website to make sure you bring your own towels.

Here are some great family pics of our "fun filled" vacation ....

You know you're kids are outgrowing the kids section of the amusement park when they start punching the cardboard likeness of their favorite cartoons ....

My kids never fight - except for every 20 seconds. There's always an opportunity to fight about something, like "hey did you just sit there? Cause I was gonna sit there so get up and let me sit there" .....

Here's my beautiful daughter smiling for the camera. Life is just to short and precious not to capture it with pictures.

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