Sunday, May 31, 2009

OK Sybil - What's Up With the Vacation Stories

My sister and I used to say "Okay Sybil" when ever we thought the other one was sounding a little crazy. For those who don't know who Sybil is, well you were probably born after the late 70's. Look her up. Not to diminish her story - very sad story.

The hubby always tells me there are 3 sides to every story. Your's, their's and the truth. Well, I think it's pretty much that way in life. We had a great time on vacation but it had it's share of "moments". I have a habit of making life sound grand. Well, most of the time. After reading my 1st post I realized how I was sounding so thought I would mix a little reality into it with the 2nd post. Which has now lead to this post. And I think I've said just about all I need to about our trip. So, end of story.

I'm getting ready to ride with the group this a.m. Rode with R on Friday. Things were good for a while and then some of the big kids came out to play. Argh - the peer pressure to hang with the older crowd. They're a little fast for me :) MJ did stay with me though. Big heart :) :)

I'm trying again today. My stomach is in knots but it'll all be good. I'm taking it slow. Gotta take it slow.

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