Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok, I was going to write about how we saw the Easter bunny Sunday. We ended up eating with the EB in our old high school. It was fun showing the kids pictures of their dad on the wall of fame. I loved watching my friend's daughters dance while we ate our breakfast. It was a great way to spend a snowy spring morning.

That's about all the detail my buzzing mind can muster up.

I'm not the stoic, stiff upper lip patient I would love to believe myself to be.

The jitters that accompany hyperthyroidism - SUCK. Thankfully Zak can't read yet or else he'd be spelling it to the class tomorrow.

Women reading think - P M S. Men reading think wives, daughters, co-workers with P M S.

I have a very understanding husband. I hope I don't damage my children or my friendships because bitchiness is oozing at an uncontrollable rate.

I won't say anymore. I'm going to go itch the skin off my back now.

Oh, you have one more day to Shop n Share. Now go. If you went, thank you.

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