Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is What the Doctor Said ....

..... No racing. No endurance sports. Not for at least 7 weeks. Your body is being taxed. It's fighting itself. Why would you want to push it further? Your thyroid is hot. We need to cool it down. Take the beta blockers, the antithyroid meds for 6 weeks. Come back, we'll see if it's cool enough to take the radioactive iodine.

With a huge lump in my throat I tell her I have an Ironman this summer.

What's that?

Ok, she needs to get out more cause even my mother knew what an Ironman is.

I explain it to her and mid sentence she cuts me off and repeats herself. Then she asks when is it again?

I don't feel like crying anymore and tell her late August. Oh, she says, oh you can go to that, you'll be fine in August. Nothing for at least 7 weeks though. I'm thinking she has no clue what you need to do to get to the start line at the end of August.

I tell her I need to do something. If I keep my heart rate low can I walk and ride? Yes she tells me but don't get it above the 120's.

Ok coach Doug. I'm going to test those words you used to tell me all the time. It's going to be a long, slow 7 weeks.

I'm doing my best to keep all this in perspective. It's hard tho, as much as I hate to admit training, running, swimming and biking defines me, it actually does. It is a piece of my big picture. So to not do it, not by choice but by being ordered not to, well ..... I'm trying to keep it all perspective.

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Patrick said...


I will run slow with you. That is the only way I know how. My fast is your slow.