Sunday, September 28, 2008

100th Post :)

Monday - September 22nd

We finally got a second car. Whoo Hoo!!! Oh yeah!!! Not that I'm going to be driving all that much with gas prices being what they are - but it's nice to have my car back. This cute, little, fuel efficient Honda is getting Scott whereever he wants to go. I was very disappointed with the chauvinistic attitude of the car dealer - when I bought the car I was asked by both the salesman and the sales manager if I wanted my name on the title - hmmmm, let me think about this.... I've delt with the sales people for the past 6 weeks, test drove the car and am signing the check, that has my name on it - what do you think? Here's a picture of the car - YEAH!!!

Tuesday - September 23rd

Zak was sick Sunday night and Monday. High fever, 104 Sunday night. Said his legs and belly hurt. Monday he felt a little better but I kept him home from school. Tuesday he woke up with no fever and no complaints. He downed 2 cups of milk in record time - a sign he's feeling better. :) I put him and Gracie on the bus, wave good bye. 9 a.m. - the phone rings, "This is the school nurse - Zak threw up on the bus. Mrs. E. Zak told me he got sick this morning?" I had to try and explain that while brushing his teeth he did gag a little something up (sorry another gross post) but I wrote it off because he downed his milk so quickly and then brushed his teeth. Yes, the rest of the day I tortured myself with the label "Worst Mother in the World". I'm still having trouble getting the looks I got from the school office staff out of my head. ARGH!

Wednesday - September 24th

Was talking to Debs while taking care of the morning clean up around the house. Went outside to give the bunnies their morning bannana and fresh water. Poor Debs was telling me something about something and was rudely interrupted by my huge, dramatic GASP .... I couldn't believe what I saw. I approached the bunnies and found them both on the same side of the cage! These bunnies have lived in the cage for several years, apart, never finding the small space between the seperation at the bottom of the cage, until sometime during the evening of 9/23 or during the early morning of 9/24. I can only speculate what went on during their new found time together. Let me add that there was shedding fur EVERYWHERE and I have a feeling some baby bunnies are going to be joining our family soon.

Jogged a mile to the school, swam a mile and then jogged home. The swim felt good.

Thursday - September 25th

Laura and I rode again. This time Michelle came with us. It was a beautiful morning. The trees are starting to turn and the weather was perfect. We saw tri-mate Rich on his way back to town. Stopped by Michelle's house on my way home and saw her new bathroom. Nice. So nice. Makes me want a new bathroom too. :)

Friday - September 26th

Did the same thing I did Wednesday, this time I tried to get the jog, swim, jog in under and hour. I missed my mark by 9 minutes. I'll get there.

My nephews played in their high school home coming game. I love high school football. Where else can you take the family for a fun filled night and keep the cost under $20 bucks. Ok, so I get in for free and so do the kids. Only the hubby paid. We then pigged out on concession stand food. MMMMM. Nachos, cheese fries, Mountain Dew and Siera Mist - mmmm, stayed away from the popcorn tho, it tastes a lot like cardboard with a little salt. We sat by some trimates who were enjoying the food as much as we were. Needless to say we didn't cook dinner Friday night. Sadly the boys lost their game. It was a good one tho. They kept it close until the 4th quarter.

Saturday - September 27th

I ran in the the afternoon. Ran for 60 whole minutes. Yes Bubba, you read that right, 60 minutes in the sun - I think I'm cured of the pamitis.
Scott fixed the space between the partition at the bottom of the cage. He zipp tied it shut. No more quiet bunny time for Buttercup and Lily. :(
Saturday night was much like Friday night. Scott had his football homecoming. It's such a big deal for all the kids playing and the parents. Scott's team lost. My coach is doing ok but I know he's feeling some disappointment. The team will get it together. Heck - they won 2 games so far, that's good. :)

Warning - I'm about to complain .... again ....
Sunday - September 28th
Planned on riding with the group in the morning. Woke up to eyes gooed shut and a fever.
Whaw, whaw, whaw.
Thought the whining was over but apparently what ever is going on with my gooey eyes and now sinuses wants to hang with me a while. So Bubba - I was wrong, I'm not completely cured of the pamitis but I'm slowly recovering and doing my best to get a workout routine going again. :) I'll see all of you out there very soon.

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RunBubbaRun said...

Cool car, I guess your driving to the trail races from now on..

Okay cut out that pamitis, it is starting to spread to me..

Get well soon, I think a run in the woods with the smell of horses will clear you right up.