Monday, September 22, 2008

If You're Eating - Do Not Read

Training has been rolling right along.

Went for a ride with Laura Thursday morning. The conversation was great. Helped distract our attention away from the fact that the wind had change direction and we had a head wind the entire ride home. We stopped and picked up 2 furry catapillars for the kids. One blond and one brown. Made it home in time to get a couple loads of laundry done before the kids got home. Grace and Zak were so excited to see the new editions to the family. We walked to the park for a couple of hours of play and the brown fuzzy one escaped the bug catcher leaving the blond one by himself. By 10 the next morning the blond one was gone too. I think we need a more secure (grammer?) bug catcher.

That night was feeling some pressure on my right eye with a little drainage but didn't think much of it considering the allergy season we are in.

Friday rode the bike to the school to help out with hot lunches. The right eye was really bothering me now. So much so that I didn't put a contact lens in. By the time I got to my nephews football game it was oozing. Won't go into details but it was pretty gross. It looked like I had been drinking and was up all night. It hurt.

Saturday morning I tried opening my eyes but couldn't get the right one open. After keeping a warm wet wash rag on it for about 10 minutes it finally came apart. Saw a doc in the box (I hate going there) and was told I have an eye infection. Gee - wow - that was a difficult conclusion to come to. Kept my sunglasses on for the kids birthday party we went to and tried not to touch anything. Had to wipe my eye about every 20 minutes. ICK! Planned on riding Sunday only to wake up and have the other eye swollen and gooed shut! Was disappointed, chose not to ride.

Today is Monday and things are feeling better. Plan on getting back to the training plan soon.

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