Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Did you ever start talking to someone and then half way thru the conversation you realize you aren't listening to what they are saying anymore? Holy smokes that happened to me last week. Someone was telling me something important but the way the conversation started took me by surprise and then I realized the person was speaking and I was still on the first sentence of what was said. I had to try and catch up and hoped I got the gist of the conversation before it's over. Keri and I have a funny story about this very thing, I still laugh when I think about it.

The copious amount of rain (I like that word, copious) cancelled Scott's game Saturday and kept the kids in the house. I usually don't mind letting the kids outside to play in rain but Gracie is fighting an ear infection and has had trouble breathing so I thought I should keep her and Zak in. The creek behind our house almost crested but thankfully stayed at bay. What is the attraction of rain puddles and children? They are a magnet to any child under the age of 10. Going from the church parking lot to the car Sunday Zak stomped every puddle. I didn't tell him to stay out of them - why bother - we were getting pelted so what would a little extra water on is shoes do?

I woke up to this note from the hubby last week. Ok, I know he has the distances wrong (if you can read it) but that's ok. I still don't know all the positions on a football team. I've been jogging to the new high school near the house and getting a mile swim in. I got a ride in the other day, to the kids school. It was treat day and I volunteered. It was raining but didn't think that I would get that wet riding the 2 miles. I got off my bike and felt pretty good about getting to the school in the rain. Put my shoes on and walked in the school. Signed in. Smiled politely at the other moms. Thought they were checking out my new Anne Klein shoes that I got for $10 and then realized that the back inside of my left pant leg was soaked! It looked like I peed in my pants! Had to hope that they saw me riding in the rain because I really didn't feel like trying to explain it. UGH!

Here's some pics I thought I would share with you ....

Look at this large bubble that formed in the sink after draining the dishwater. Zak was very impressed.

That little yellow blob, that's a yellow pepper that came from our garden.

Here's some pics of a storm we had about 6 weeks ago. Finally got around to downloading them. It has been a summer filled with some nasty rain.

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RunBubbaRun said...

Hey, that's look like a torando..

Cool note, the only note I get is it's time to take out the garbage..

Yeah, girl, 2009, go get'em :)