Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Wisconsin Ironman was Sunday. The thought of the race kept me up Saturday night. I was feel anxious. How strange since I was 300 miles from the start line. My mind was filled with memories of 2007 and how quickly that year went by.

I'm saddened by the changes the year has brought. How the 07 crew is slowly drifting apart. I talked to some of the crew about signing up for Louisville. They told me they would train with me but wouldn't be joining me at the finish line in Kentucky. It's funny, our group all finished at different times but we all knew that the others were out there. And some how that was a comforting thought.

Of course I knew that would happen, some of the guys not signing up, time stops for no one and change is almost always good a thing. So, now I'm part of a new group. This year I have some female friends to commiserate with. I don't dare go down the competitive road with these ladies. They're fast and fierce but as nice as can be. I'll learn what I can from them and leave my competitive spirit in check. :)

So, I'm getting my base training in now since the summer was filled with whining, pouting and not much training at all. I'm debating on which plan to use the 26 week or the 13 week. I'm thinking that if I use the 13 week program, in the my winter and spring I'll marathon train/ then spin and swim a couple of days during the training. It worked last time. Unfortunately I won't have the Boston marathon to run but I'm sure I'll find a 26.2 mile run somewhere around here.

Big congrats to all that finished Louisville and Wisconsin and my trailmates that finished Great Illini! :) You guys rock. You definitely keep me going.


RunBubbaRun said...

Yeah, time for no more pouting..

Next year will be filled with different memories, you'll see. It will be good and fun. Along with a bunch of WTF while training.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

That's right Pam, I'll be there to help you train, and although I'm not racing Louisville, I know a few people doing it, so I'll probably go down and spectate!!

Forward is not a bad thing. Appreciate the past, and look forward to the new.