Friday, October 3, 2008

Mind - Body

I've been thinking. Ut oh, I know. Hey, if I can't disect this years race season, then I might have more of the crappy same next year ....

April 2008

My Mind- Ok, let's go, we're running 50 miles. Oh yeah, ignore the rain, ignore the mud let's go, go, go, go, GO!!!

My Body - What are you crazy, I'm tired. TIRED!!! Tried telling that a couple weeks ago, remember? You caught that cold, the stuffy head, all that sleep. I miss the sleep. I'm not running. Nope, the legs aren't going.

Mind - What? Yeah, right. Here we go. Get over the tired. These legs have been training for weeks. Before that, I witnessed them attempt a marathon.....

Body - Yeah, and what happened at that marathon? Huh? Can't hear you? Tried telling you then I needed a rest ..... and ....

Mind - Lighten up. And quit trying to make your point by falling. I'm getting a little tired of saying get out of the mud.

Body - TIRED!!! I'm gonna keep falling until you listen!!!

May 2008

Body - Ah, finally a rest. Thank you - THANK YOU for listening.

Mind - You're right this isn't so bad, I'm really dig'n this time off. :)

June 2008

Mind - Ok, gotta race it's only a half ironman. Let's go, let's go, let's go

Body - What? We were resting remember, we're not ready, what it's a frick'n tornado out there, I'm not going anywhere ....

Mind - ENOUGH, get the legs moving, the horn just went off .....

Mind - Oops, maybe this wasn't such a good idea, the weather isn't being too kind to us. You just keep moving body and I'll stay as still as possible.

Mid - June 2008

Mind - There are you happy body. Gotcha a new bike. Now quit complaining. Get that big butt on it and start peddling.

August 2008

Body - Thank you for the rest - ahhh. No more surprises please. And keep drinking that ginger root stuff. It's helping.

Late August 2008

Body - A 100 mile bike ride - are you crazy?

Mind - Just peddle - you can do this.

September 2008

Body - A half marathon? Ok, I've had enough. ENOUGH!

October 2008

I went riding with Laura on Thursday. About 2 blocks from my house I realized my cold was going to make me feeling like I had an elephant riding along with me, hanging onto my chest. Met Laura downtown and let her know how I was feeling. Told her I wasn't sure how long I would be able to ride. Off we went. So, did I take it easy? Hang back, enjoy her company? Nope. I pounded. Head down, heals back, toes forward. We stopped and she commented that the way I was riding she wouldn't have guessed I had that elephant with me. And right then I realized it. It really is time to rest. I'm never going to make it to that start line in August 2009 if I keep doing this to myself.

Ok body - I hear. I'm gonna rest.

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RunBubbaRun said...

You mean you didn't have fun in April..

Ahh, December through August '09.. Get you ASS in gear...

The mind and body is such sad thing to waste.