Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok, for the past several months I've been dealing with this lump in my throat. Well that's the way I've referred to it. It's actually a lump on my neck. Which is actually nodules on my thyroid.

When I first discovered the lump I freaked out. It was on my birthday. WOE, what is that? I thought. The hubby confirmed he felt something too, I called the doc.

After blood work and an ultrasound, it was determined my thyroid gland was enlarged and I'm now hyperthyroid. The bad news was I'm not the hyperthyroid that makes you nice and skinny. Just one of my hormones was elevated. The moody one not the weight one.

Thank goodness.

Well, around Christmas the lump seemed bigger. It felt like I could feel it in my throat when I was running or biking. Checked with the hubby .... again .... and he told me I was freaking him out so I called the doc .... again.

Ok, I'm babbling here. Had another ultrasound and there are now 3 nodules on the thyroid. Again, the doc isn't concerned. She is keeping an eye on it. I go back to see her in 6 weeks.

Here's my point! And it sucks!! Hyperthyroidism causes an increased heart beat. My heart has been racing all over the place. I lay down at night and it feels like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest. I have gone from a resting heart rate of 56 to 73. Now for some, 73 is good. But for me, well, that's starting zone 2. When you're laying down and wanting to relax but your heart is acting like you are up and doing the laundry, it's hard to still your mind to fall asleep.

Well, I'm still training. It actually takes my mind off of this whole thing. I have to say if there is a positive to all of this its I don't get as cold as usually do. And many of us know it has been cold outside, really cold! I would rather be cold and have a normal heart rate. My normal. Huh, I never thought I would be happy with "my normal" I'm trying to keep it all good. :)

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RunBubbaRun said...

Take one day at time Kickstand,
there are far worst things.

Cute pic running with the kiddo. Hmm a 5k this year for our rugrats? :)