Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Excuse me Pam, is that your insecurities showing?

I put the vote question out to the club.

I received some very nice emails back. From what I can tell, we won't be having an election.

BUT .... next year or maybe it will be 2010, an election will determine the next leader.

Honestly, way back in October 2007 an election did take place. It was determined I would be the leader, SI vice president, Laura secretary, Tom treasurer and it was written in stone. It was at that time SI agreed to take over things in 2009. Thanks for reminding me SI. I do remember it now and even think I have something written down to that affect but I'm learning that children turn your memory to mush.

Bernie, thank you for asking that question. It was a legitimate one. All bases should be covered and everyone should have a voice.

I told my sister what happened and she asked me "don't you wish we weren't so sensitive to things?"

No, I'm glad I'm so sensitive. I may turn nothing into something sometimes but I can say that when I feel pain, it hurts and when I feel joy, happiness, total and complete elation, well it doesn't get any better than that.

And now, I feel PEACE.

Tomorrow, well ..... :)

God bless and Merry Christmas.

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RunBubbaRun said...

You sure you don't need Dr. Phil to come buy?

Election? What is that :)