Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, my year started with training for the Clinton Lakes and McNaughton trail runs. Training for these runs consumed my life. I thought it was time well spent, I loved the Clinton run. Everything about it, I loved it. Who knew that just 3 weeks later I would never want to run on a trail again?! ....

We combined our March Madness party with Easter egg painting. What a blast we had. Hmm, I know I didn't lose MM this year but I can't remember who won. I think it was someone from Patty's family.

This is a picture of the club going to the Easter ride back in April. I love this pic. It's hard to see but the riders are on the other side of the fog.

The grams and the kidlins at Gracie's dance recital. It was a perfectly rainy morning :)

Gracie, Me and Zak at the Palos 1/2 Marathon

We were blessed to go to Disney this year. Here are a couple of the many pictures that were taken ....

What did I learn at Rockman this year?

I can camp. Well at least for one night.

You don't have to go to Universal Studios to ride like E.T.

I would have missed a great time because I was afraid I wasn't ready to race. I want to eleberate on this last sentence but I already have, several times, I'll let it rest. :)

Yes, the year was fill with some of the craziest weather I have ever experienced.

Jessica and the kids. She turned 21 this year. When old people used to say time passes in the blink of an eye, well they weren't lying. Does that mean I'm old? No, I have 40 more years before I'll consider myself old. No matter what the Sam's Club greeter says.

Pretty Lily. You brought us happiness for the short time you were with us. Thank you. Zak is still sad you are gone. He has taped your picture to his school folder and sleeps with your picture at the head of his bed.

And off they went.

We have a dry erase board. I need it. Heck, I can't believe how forgetful I am. Anyway, the kids will leave messages or draw on it from time to time. Which can be a bad thing cause they'll erase what I need to remember! But it's a good thing cause they leave stuff like this behind :)

Me and my friend.

What's this? .... anyone who watches college and pro football should know what this is. It's a quarterback cheatsheet keeper :)

Scott coaches footfall. Last year we had a terrible arguement about having a winning season or playing every kid.

For some the game is about winning. Scott started coaching because when you are 10 you want to win but you also want to play and learn and have fun. When he was 10 he didn't play in the games and was treated like crap. Well, in your face old idiot coaches. He paid for college playing football. So he decided no kid should feel like he did when he was 10. Every kid would play. Every kid would have fun. We are a part of many, many football players families because of this philosophy. I just came from one of their baby showers! I'm getting off track here. For some reason last season (2007) was different tho. That's why we had the arguement. I don't care what a parent tells you, look at the kid's face sitting on the bench. Don't ask him a thing just look at his face. You'll find out if he wants to win or if he wants to play.

This year, the kids got to play. It was tough on Scott. He brought out every tool you could think of to help the kids learn. Yes, every kid did play and not just the regulated "2" plays. He won 3 games. Think what you may, I'll bet everyone of those kids will be back next year and many have already told Scott they want to play for him. And that is one of the many things I love about my husband :)

Happy Halloween! What did the kids dress up as? Well, witch/Ironman, fairy/ninja, dancer/swamp creature, I could go on but won't. They love dressing up. Halloween is just another day for them.

This year I learned that you don't need gifts at Christmas. No gifts just Ginger Bread houses and felts stockings to decorate. We had the best time. The kids didn't see presents so they didn't miss them. Well, that's my understanding of it all. We're doing it again next year. I already have my Ginger Bread house! We don't eat so it won't matter that it's a year old. It probably already is a year old so it'll be 2 years old.

This year's Christmas picture. Flower Grandma made the costumes for the kids. Like I said they love to dress up.

I'm picky weird when it comes to the Christmas picture so I will confess that this the picture to the right is the picture I wanted to use.

Zak in his truest form, being silly.

Now, I just have to figure out how to nurture it and not get crazy angry with it :)

I have a couple more things to say about 2008 but I'll leave it at this for now....

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