Sunday, November 2, 2008

The "P" Word

"P" is for Politics

The 2008 presidential race has been keeping me up at night - probably for the past 3 weeks. I lost the count of the number after about 7 nights of waking at about 2 in morning.

Literally my mind is going back and forth. I put a spread sheet together hoping is would help me reach a conclusion. I'm still reading it and rereading it.

The last time I felt this way was when Ross Perot was running in the presidential primary. I ended up voting for him. Its funny because when I tell people that, they say they voted for him too. I wonder how he lost?I probably wouldn't be having trouble deciding today if he would have won back then.

While running with the gang on Sunday the election was brought up. It's funny. We all have an opinion but no one really wants to talk about it. Maybe it has more to do with respecting one another opinion than not wanting talk about it.

There is one conclusion I can make about this election. All of the conspiracy theories, mud slinging, and back stabbing from both candidates reminds me of 5th grade when the kids from the south school had to come to my school for the year because their school was being renovated. In the beginning we called each other names, called each other's mother's names, wrote slurs on the bathroom walls, and so on .... but by the end of the year we all got a long. We were 11 tho, that's a pretty good excuse for acting the way we did. Unfortunately these are grown men, who have to be at least 45 years old to run for president. So what does that say about their character?

My mind is so cluttered because instead of sticking to the facts I had to put up with so much smack talk it made it hard to keep the real issues in focus. I watched the debates and instead of hearing answers to the questions I heard rehearsed rhetoric. Why bother with debates if you're going to rehearse them. Did our country make so hard for these men to keep it real? UGH!!!

I will vote Tuesday. My vote will, if not to anyone else than to myself. Hopefully I'll start sleeping again Tuesday night.

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