Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Vote, Strep Throat & Are We Watching a Football Game or the Election?

Woke up Tuesday and was prepared to go and vote. I had made my decision Sunday night. I stopped watching the news and reading the internet. I didn't want to hear anymore.

Around 11 I went to the school and was so nervous after showing my identification I walked to the voting booth without my ballot. The volunteers got a good laugh. Once I did have my card I literally stood there for a couple of minutes because I had worked myself up to the point that I wasn't sure how to vote. Ok, I'm sure some of you are thinking, give me a break, if you knew who to vote for then how could you do this to yourself? Well, that's just the way I am for some reason. I finally got my wits about me and looked on the ballot and much to my surprise saw Ralph Nader's name on it. Holy smokes, is he still alive? Then I proceeded with my civic duty and walked out feeling complete relief and a sore throat.

Last night my throat was on fire so I decided to visit a doc in the box. Which I hate, so you know the throat was hurting pretty bad. The doc took a swab from the back of my throat and gagged me a couple of times. Sure enough, I tested positive for Strep. UGH! Gotta tell you the pharmacists at CVS were so nice. The filled my prescriptions ASAP. I think I was in and out of there in 10 minutes.

Watched election coverage with Scott until about 9:30 p.m. I felt like I was watching a close football game. Obama's electoral votes would increase then McCain's electoral votes would creep up. We had ABC on and they weren't saying that Obama had won but they sure acted like it. Scott was so nervous. He said he couldn't go to bed until he knew the outcome. So I told him to switch to FOX, their attitude toward the race would definitely let us know if Scott could relax and go to bed. Well, they were even saying is wasn't looking good for McCain. Scott kissed me good night and went to bed. Nothing was really happening with the news now so I switched to House for a little while and was ticked off when I realized I missed John McCain's concession speech. I did stay up for Barack Obama's acceptance speech and was glad I did. He kept it real. I hate when people say that, "keep it real" can be so flippant but there is no other way to describe that speech, he really did keep it real. I heard McCain's speech this morning, it was very moving and sincere. I do feel I need to rebut my comment about the character of both men. Last night they seemed to have our countries best interest at heart.

So this morning I wake up and Zak has a fever and swollen glads. He's home from school with me. I call the doc and he's nice enough to write him a prescription since he saw Gracie Monday and I told him I was diagnosed yesterday with Strep. Excitedly I tell Zak we don't have to drive out to see the doctor and what does he do? He starts crying, telling me he loves the doctor and really wanted to see him today. I tried not to laugh when he was crying. Parenting is hard, Gracie doesn't want to see the man in the blue coat and Zak can't wait to see him. Double UGH! (and the picture to the left is not our doctor just a model in a blue lab coat. I like putting pics on the blog :))

Now, I'm warning all of my friends and anyone else reading. I have been feeling this well of emotions building. This entire process has really affected me. I can't remember an election when I spent the time and energy checking each candidates views. I'm a very emotional person and the emotions have not come out yet. I know it's coming so, if I suddenly start crying when you are talking to me or if you see me pumping gas or on my bike and I have the ugly cry face, just ignore it. I'm ok. Oh, and they are tears of joy not sadness, just in case you were wondering.

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