Thursday, July 31, 2008

Circus Peanuts

I ate 3 bags of circus peanuts last week. Yes, circus peanuts, those disgustingly sweet candies that stick to your teeth. Comfort food, that's what I've been told. Did I really think I was going to feel better trying to get my tri-shorts on Saturday morning?

Why do we do stuff like that. Eat thinking it's going to make us feel better. Quite honestly I wasn't eating them thinking I was going to feel better. Maybe subconsciously I was, who knows.

Why do we do the goofy things we do. I've been complaining about my right leg, getting stiff all over, the knee, the hip the foot. UGH! Sunday Bubba was talking about the doc he saw for his leg. "Yah, she's good. Well, sort of. You know she tells you what's wrong, then she tells you what to do about it, you pay $150 and then you ignore the advise." How true is that?

We eat stuff we shouldn't, we pay for advise we doen't use. The biggest question I have spinning in my head lately is why cancer? And if someone beats cancer once then why should they have to get it again? And then again?! Life just sucks sometimes.

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RunBubbaRun said...

I really can't believe you ate those things. I thought I ate bad..