Monday, August 4, 2008


I woke up at 4:40 Sunday to ride with Bubba. Did not want to get out of bed. Saw Dark Knight on Saturday. That movie kept me thinking all night. I know it's just a movie but I had some questions about what was going and and why. Like the Joker was he schizo or was he tormented by his dad or his wife? Does it matter. Do I feel sorry for him? Yes or I mean no. You get the picture as to why I didn't sleep.

The ride to Monee was perfect. No wind. The sun was coming up. No traffic. We kept a steady pace. Didn't push. Both of us knew the chance to pick things up was coming at 7:30 when we met with the rest of the group. On our way back to Frankfort Caroline rode with us. Like I said the ride was perfect.

Alot of the trimates did the Naperville ride. We had a small group of about 8 riders. This was a fast bunch of guys. Last week they were averaging 22 to 24 mph. Did I say they were fast?

I was going to ride to the track and see how I felt. If things were good then I would keep going. If I was tired, home I would go. Much to my surprise, I felt good. Had to remind myself that I had to get home. But blew that thought off. Whoo Hoo, riding with the big boys - oh yeah, look me at me!!!

SI told me that he was watching me turn corners and gave me some advice on how to do it without slowing down. Thanked him and told him I had a fear of getting dropped. He laughed and said that's the mantra - "don't get dropped".

About 3 miles from Elwood turned a corner and was hit by a pretty steep incline. Pat said it wasn't really a hill so I won't call it that. My legs and hips decided they weren't going to help me in anyway getting up it. Slowly watched my trimates pass me by. UGH! Strangely enough I didn't let it get in my head. I was so happy with my ride that this was just a bump in the road :).

Got to Elwood and stopped at the local BP. Ate a Powerbar and got some icy cold blue gatorade. MMMMM :) :) Ken and I headed out first. I'm really excited for him. He's riding a 7 day mountain bike ride next Sunday. He's been training since last fall. He's so prepared from his training, his nutrition, everything. He's extremely modest about the entire adventure. He's going to do great.

Dropped back from Ken and rode the mantra. Don't get dropped. Don't get dropped. Don't get dropped.

With that Pat pulls up to me and says. "Ok, there they are. There's the dogs. Oh, they look ok. Oh no, ride fast, ride fast here they come. I looked over and saw a black blur and a a brown dog starting to run. I know I dropped the f bomb. I put my head down. My hips and legs were screaming - "we can't go fast! stop, it hurts!" But my brain was saying, "HURTS? Nothing hurts like getting pushed off your bike and being bit - keep riding - go, GO!" I look forward and see Ken and he's laughing. All I can say is DOG. I'm panting and Ken's laughing. And then someone says they're still chasing us! What! Then I hear, No just kidding :)

Stayed with the gang for the next 10 miles. Feeling good. Smiling. Bubba is thrilled because one of the riders did the Western States. I hear him tell Caroline. Then Pat. Then me. He's got a huge smile on his face.

We are about 7 miles from home and the group breaks away. It's ok. I'm happy. Really happy with how I did. Caroline heads home and Bubba and ride into Frankfort together. I got 71.56 miles in. Bubba wants 80 so he keeps going.

I end up at church, in my bike clothes just in time. Father Greg asked the congregation "What makes you happy?" My husband, children, family and friends and this mornings bike ride :)


The Clyde said...

On the Naperville ride...let's say 7 of the 8 riders kept that pace...1 of them(being me), was in the much more do-able 19mph avg range, zone 1 and 2 all day, haha.

RunBubbaRun said...

Okay was there dogs really there?

Yes, it was a great ride, pass on those cornering tips to me.. I just can think of one "be fearless".. :)

Now sign up for that race!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Blue is my favorite flavor too.

And yeah, Dark Knight can keep you up...