Monday, July 14, 2008

The Fog is Lifting

This fog I have been feeling lately is slowly lifting. I'm starting to "want" to swim, bike and run again. Man, that was long break. I was wondering if my desire to train was ever coming back. I have Evergreen Lake this week-end and I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday I was even thinking about racing it and not just doing it.

The group ride was fast, as usual. I only planned on riding to the speedway. I hung with the big boys and one very fast Lauren for about 5 miles. Well, honestly 2 of the 5 were at my pace. I was amazed at how quickly you can fall off a pace line. I can't wait to try and hang with them for 10 miles next time. Or who knows maybe 20 miles :) Or maybe I should be realistic - maybe 6 :) :)

1 comment:

RunBubbaRun said...

I think I have your fog..

You took time to take a pic, that must have been hard at 25+ mph..

You'll get there, now you have the bike, time to bring on the "guns" :)