Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Hey - Someone Stole My Music"

My sister shouted that to me as I ran by her during the 2005 Danskin Triathlon. I teased her mercifully for shouting it during a race. There was more to it than just shouting that - like as I ran from her I heard her say - "Hey are you ok?" and then ...."Hey, where are you going?" Come on you gotta admit that's pretty funny to hear while racing.

Well the teasing stopped in 2006 - I was doing the Evergreen Lake Tri when some stole my Rudy Project sunglasses. I was crushed. And after reaching for the glasses and not having them there I said out loud - "Hey who stole my sunglasses". My karma slapped me in the face. I was mad that someone took the glasses but wondered and still do would it have been different if I hadn't teased Patty for so long.

I did Evergreen Lake Triathlon yesterday. Here's how it went -

High Points -
No thunder / No lightening
Water temp - 77.8 WETSUIT LEGAL
34 min swim - woo hoo!!!
Passed one time on the bike - only one time!!!
Gave the race everything I had. Was feeling good until mile 5 1/2 on the run and then began to literally run out of gas. Was passed one time until mile 5 1/2 and then was passed 5 more times UGH!
Seeing Caroline smiling on the bike - she made it out of the water - double woo hoo!!!
High fiving Caroline as we passed each other on the run
The watermelon after the race - so gooooooood :)

Low Points -
Rain before the race started
Still raining for the swim
Raining in T1
Raining on the bike
Wind and more rain on the bike
Rain in T2
Remember why they don't recommend wetsuits in water over 78 degrees. I wanted to rip it off I was so warm after 200 yards in the water.

I had a blast and was happy to be out there.


Megan said...

thank you so much for what you commented on my blog. there was no email address to respond to so i thought i would leave it here. i would LOVE to join up on some of those rides - it would be great to meet you and your team!

RunBubbaRun said...

Not sure what is up with you with racing and the weather..

Great job, fast bike split, a double woohoo on that..