Monday, February 4, 2008

An Act of Violence

Just one mile from where I live a human being walked into a store and bullied 6 other human beings to a room and shot and killed them. Just one mile from where I live.

Today at my childrens pre-school a young girl held her daddy's hand as the other children played and giggled before entering their school room. The principal made an announcement and asked that the parents not mull around the halls after they see the children enter their classroom. This was for "safety reasons". That was all she said. Once the children entered the room the one little girl still stood there holding her daddy's hand. She wouldn't let it go. He didn't force her to enter the classroom. The dad then asked if he could talk to the principal privately.

This little girl is 4. She has been affected by something not even an adult can explain. Life can be so good sometimes and then it sucks.

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