Monday, February 18, 2008

Fresh Popcorn

The training program called for a taper last week. It felt good. Saturday the club had to be in St. Charles for a uniform fit. I was asked to get there early and help out with things. So I skipped the group run and ran thru the neighborhood. Woke up at 5:15. Gracie got up to so I laid down with her for a couple of minutes to get her to fall back to sleep. Got back up and she asked me where I was going. "Running" I told her. "Mom" she asked, "are you running in your pajamas". Now that's a sight I thought - running down the street in my flannel jams and slippers. Hmmm. Caroline was nice enough to get out of bed early and meet me. The run went quickly. It was cold. It felt warmer than 4 degrees. I think the fact that the sun was out and there was little wind helped.

Made it to St. Charles. Didn't get lost but it seemed like it took us forever to find the bike shop that was having the fit. St. Charles is a beautiful town. Small, quaint. New buildings mixed in with the old. The shop was on the Fox Valley river. I could have sat there all day looking out the window watching the river go by. I was late but the prez of the club understood. He actually had plenty of help. Before long the store filled up with club members and then our group arrived. It was pretty funny watching them all walk in at once. I still have to double take them, you know seeing them in street clothes as apposed to running or biking stuff. We had a great turn out.

I absolutely hate, HATE trying on bike clothing. And this stuff wasn't just bike stuff - it was "TRI stuff". Which meant if should fit like skin. Oooo, ick. White pasty legs in tight spandex that shows every bump and curve, just not a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. But did it for the good of the team :) Some of the group placed their order and headed out for some lunch. The line was long and I was right in the middle of it. Was hoping I would be able to meet up with the gang but knew it wasn't going to happen. I think everyone was excited about finally getting something to wear that was going to show solidarity.

Woke up Sunday to rain hitting the bedroom window. The wind was strong. Yuck. I had 2 1/2 hours to get in. Good grief. I checked Waterfall Glenn Saturday before heading out to St. Charles. The snow was packed down, it was definitely runable but with freezing rain, well it would make for a slick run. A lot of people said Saturday that if it was raining they weren't going. I called one of the club members I thought would be heading out and got the voice mail which made me think he wasn't going either. Stayed in and decided to go later in the morning. Took the kids to my mom's. She was watching them all day for me so I could run and then Scott and I could have the rest of the afternoon and evening to ourselves. My run plan was to leave my car at with my mom, run home and pick it up that night.

The rain had stopped. Got to my mom's and realized I was way, way over dressed. It was sunny and felt like it was in the 40's. Took off a layer of clothing but for some reason kepted my ear warmers on. The was beautiful. It was windy but told myself that would only affect me for half the run, the other half I would have the wind at my back. Besides I had the sun for the entire time. Snow and ice were melting and water was every where. I stepped in a couple deep puddles, woo it was cold. Was 4 miles from the house when I started to notice the sky was turning. I started hearing was I thought was boxes falling in a large warehouse. It made sense since I was running near an industrial area. Then I thought I saw lightening. Good grief, was that lightening and thunder? Called Scott, told him the weather was starting to turn and it was getting dark. I was going to head back to my mom's and get the car because to get home I would have run on a street that didn't have much traffic but the speed limit was 45 mph. I didn't want to be on with rain, thunder and lightening. Picked up the pace and got about 2 miles from my moms when the sky opened up and let loose. I could handle rain, even lightening but a down pour ice pellets started coming at me. And of course I had to run in the direction of the wind gust. My face wasn't covered and the sting each time my face was hit was harsh. Ugh! Ok, how long is this going to last? Purposely turned down a street I didn't need to go down to get out of the direction of the ice. Winter in the mid-west, ah nothing like it. It only rained/iced for about 5 minutes. Long enough to completely soak me.

The hot shower felt good after the run. Scott and I decided to see the Bucket List. I really enjoyed it. And for the first time in a long time we got fresh popcorn. It was warm when we got it and it didn't taste like cardboard. Woo Hoo! What a way to end the day. Life is good. :)


RunBubbaRun said...

You headed back when it started ligthening?

Didn't you want to swim in that last year?

Good job, hopefully I will be back to keep up you soon.

The Clyde said...

Dang, you were out in that hail on Sunday? You are crazy, I was scared and I was in my house!!