Sunday, July 8, 2007

WIBA - Train the Mind / Train the Body

Dialed home - Ring - 1, Ring - 2, Ring - 3, hmmm did Scott take the kids to the park? Then.....

Scott - Hello
Me - Hey
Scott - Hi, are you done already?
Me - No we just finished the ride and we're getting ready to run.
Scott - You're done riding? You rode 112 miles already?
Me - Um, no - I cut it short - down to 70, I didn't have 112 in me today.
Scott - You have a lot of work to do missy. .......

I wanted to hang up on him. Then I wanted to call him back and say what the F@#! do you think I've been doing the past 12 weeks? Leave the house and just skip up and down the block picking flowers while drinking gatorade and eating gels? Do you think chlorine is a new scent Tommy Hilfiger has put on the market? Because I can't seem to get the smell off me when I leave the pool. I could go on - I actually said .....

Me - Well, I know.
Scott - Do you plan on going up again?
Me - At least 2 more times. Hopefully more.
Scott - Ok, well I gotta go
Me - Love you, bye

I drove up to Madison with Bubba for an IMOO training session - WIBA - on Saturday. I was psyched and ready to ride the entire course. The day consisted of a a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride and then 45 minute run. I was nervous but felt ready.

Before the swim started the group was entertained by a fisherman arguing with a speed boat driver. We should all remember to take a deep breath before we start shouting at someone in public because the people shouting back and forth at each other really look stupid. Ok, I'm getting off the subject. As I got in the water it was announced that there was an hour to swim. I was then told about certain landmarks to site my distance and then I was off. The swim felt great. The water wasn't choppy and it was clean. While swimming I prayed, counted strokes, sang songs (in my head of course) before I knew it 55 minutes had passed and I was getting out of the water with the help of yellow cap girl. Didn't get her name but swam with her the entire time, she was nice.

Bubba and I went back to the car to get our bikes and change out of our wet clothes. Turns out we parked next to a couple he knows from blogging - Pharmie and Steve in a Speedo. Talk about nice people. Holy cow - that's them. Ok, getting ready to ride ..... Sunscreen - check, glasses - check, water - check, helmet - check, inhaler - check, nutrition - check. Yup - I was ready. Well, 2 miles into the ride Bubba asks me, "hey do you want to just ride the 70 with Pharmie and Steve?" "No" I barked back at him. "I have to try this Bubba. I have to". I think he thought I was feeling the heat from the day already because I was in the back. But I like the back. For some reason I just do. Then about 3 miles later, as the group started to get a little smaller as they pedaled away, I began to tell myself I'm having a bad day.

Now, I could go into detail about why I felt this way and how I carried those thoughts and then added to them with each passing minute but I won't because here's the thing. What is a bad day? I didn't wreck my bike, or have an asthma attack or break an arm. So why was I thinking that thought?

Who knows why I put negative thoughts in my head. But after 20 miles of riding I asked Bubba if we could do the 70 miles and he agreed. We stopped right there on the road and waited for Pharmie, Steve and their group. They weren't that far behind us. The next 10 miles were dragged down with more harmful thoughts. Then a bug hit me on the cheek. "Ouch" I said it out loud. I'm not sure if it was the bug hitting me or saying ouch outloud but I snapped out of my funk. I made myself think of 10 good things about the day. I did this in Rockford - just to pass the time while riding and I had just read IronWil's blog and how she used it when riding her half ironman.

1. Kissed Grace goodbye while sleeping.
2. Kissed Zak goodbye while sleeping.
3. Kissed Scott goodbye while sleeping.
4. Water on a hot day.
5. My gels - ok, that one is to easy think of something real. Taking the time to apply the sunscreen.
6. Safe drive up to Madison.
7. Wednesday's ride with the group.
8. The wind in my face.
9. Talking to Keri. 10. I can stay seated while climbing hills. 11. The bento box Scott I. gave me for the ride. 12. My kids playing with the cicadas at swim lessons. 13. Costco's return policy.

Before I knew it I was thinking of #14 and feeling better. Another 12 miles passed. I was able to concentrate on riding. It was hard but I was feeling better. As we approached Fireman's Park I could see that a large group had stopped to refuel. Bubba and I had stopped several times and decided to keep going. The pessimism started again - I think the heat stoked the negative energy. So, I forced myself to find 3 positive things I learned from today's ride.

1. It's ok to change your mind.
2. See how changing your thoughts can change the way you feel.
3. How important it is to take the time to apply sunscreen.
4. How to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while riding.
5. Never yell at someone in a boat from a pier.
6. Hey, I'm at 6 - that went quick.

Made it back to Monona Terrace. Called Scott. The heat of the day was in full force. Hot was an understatement. Managed to trot out 5 miles, wanted to do 10 because I cut the ride short but just like the ride, 5 was all I had in me.

Found a pinic table and sat for a good 10 minutes after the run. It was shady with a breeze. The lake looked inviting but the thought of riding home with lake water smell was worse than riding home with the smell I already had. And just like that the day was over. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the chlorine smell - I can add to my "Good Things" list for next time. :)

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Get rid of the Chlorine smell? Why? That stuff smells awesome!! :)