Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tire Change 101

I did it - I changed my tire. I didn't have a flat on the road. The thought of it happening though has been bothering me so Keri came over to night and guided me thru taking it off and getting it back on. It went better than I expected. I'm adding tire changing to my weekly workout. Every Thursday night I will practice changing it and hopefully lose some of my fear of having to do it up in Madison on race day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
I had my first race flat at Muncie! It was in the first 3 mi of the route.I immediately thought of Rick having the problems at HH and the calmness he handled them. I stayed cool,took my time, and it went well (10 min +/-). It made finishing more satisfying, and a great race experience. My friend Christine took a first in the sprint. MJ Slikas also won her AG in the Half. Beautiful day for all.
Tom F.

MJ said...

Hey Pam,

COME TO OUR BIKE CLINIC on Wed night!! Changing a tire is the first thing we're going to cover! WFG - 7:30pm. In fact, we're doing a group ride first at 6:30pm if you can make it!

And to Tom - I think I saw him at Muncie with the flat. I was thinking, man it would suck to have a flat so early on in the race!! Oh, and thanks for cheering for me on the run. Didn't realize it was you until it was too late...