Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th

When out on the bike your mind takes you all over the place. You look at scenery, you remember things from 20 years ago, you concentrate on riding. When I first started riding it wasn't like that. Pedal strokes and finishing was all I could think about. But now, I guess as I transform my running legs into cycling ones, I find my mind relaxing and enjoying all that cycling has to offer. And how appropriate, that on the 4th of July, I began to think about how great it is to be able to get on a bike and ride endless miles through the trails and roads of Illinois. It is a great freedom we have in this country. I am truly grateful to the men and woman serving in our armed forces keeping our country safe and protecting our freedom. There are also the local police and sheriff's departments that watch over our trails and roads doing their best to keep us out of harms way.

I had a lot of fun riding on the 4th. Below are some pictures of the gang. I love riding with these people. One day, one day, I will be as fast as they are. :) Yup, it was a great day.

Debbie, Pat, Tom, Scott, Mike and Tom

Mike and Tom

Pat, Tom, Scott, Tom, Mike, Keri, Gil, Caroline and Debbie

Ol' Glory on the left and me on the right

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