Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Woke at 4:45 - cell phone rang - I was dialed by mistake. I wasn't sleeping so the phone really didn't wake me just got me out of bed.

Went back to bed.

Re-woke up at 7:27 - house phone rang - was the math club instructor telling me there was no math club today. Did my best to sound like I had been up since 4:45. Hope she bought it.

8:30 - Zak fell off his bike. Got him up asked him if he still wanted to ride - YUP -off we went. 8:32 - Zak fell off his bike again. Picked him up, the neighbor straightened his handle bars and off we rode, quickly now, because school starts at 8:50 sharp and the kids have to be in their seats ready to go.

9:00 - checked email. Rescheduled a breakfast with a friend. Another friend is having trouble with her knees, another is working can't run this morning and another is off to Florida.

9:10 - confirm running plans with Randich.

9:30 to 10:30 eat my way into a sugar coma with Halloween candy. UGH!

11:00 - head to Aldi for lunch stuff.

11:15 - get gas

11:20 - get Zak's breakfast bars. Can't buy the Aldi brand cause of the nuts.

11:30 - run 6 miles.

1:00 - turn on the t.v. My knees are hurting from scrubbing the floor yesterday.

1:30 - turn on the movie "The Proposal".

1:50 - Laugh as the dog gets carried away by the eagle. Stop laughing when I think about when the hawk was circling our bunny in the garden last summer.

3:00 - decide to write this post

3:09 - log off to go pick up the kids.

Life is good :)

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