Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday / Sunday

I ran on the Chicago lakefront yesterday. Or would it be the Lake Michigan lakefront. Here I go again over thinking things. I ran by myself. It was a beautiful afternoon. Some wind but lots of sunshine, so who feels wind when the only sunshine we've seen has been on the weather channel when they give Florida's forecast.

It felt good. I ran for an hour and a half and got 10 miles in. I wanted to keep a 10 minute mile pace but kept hearing conversations sneak up on me and the thought of people passing me wasn't something I could have happen, so I would pick up the pace and lose them. Hmmm, I can be a little to competitive at times.

After the run the kids and I saw Scott at work. The kids always get excited being there. What 5 year old doesn't like to see construction cranes, equipment and hard hats. I think dad liked the visit as much as the kids.

We were able to make 5 o'clock mass and after the long day I was very surprised when the kids stayed awake for the entire thing. Gracie was a little upset that we didn't go to Hospitality tho. I promised we would make cookies when we got home. Thank goodness for break and bakes.

The club had the first "official" ride this morning. I missed it due to an Alzheimer's Walk I agreed to do with my cousin Cindy. While driving to the ride I realized I would probably see the gang riding and sure enough I did. I was so excited to see them out there. We had a large group which really made me happy. I had my camera so pulled over and took some pictures.

Thankfully we had another beautiful day and the walk was a lot of fun. My cousin and I caught up on life and pretty much talked the 4 miles away. Then we topped the walk off with mushroom, tomato and cheese omelets at a local diner. I have fond memories with this cousin, she taught me how to tie my shoes and drive, among other things. Today was just one more day to add to the memories. Life is good.

6 days until the run. I can hear the clock ticking away and I'm trying not to freak out. :)

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RunBubbaRun said...

Like the bike pics of the group...

Glad you had a good time on your walk...

A couple more days to go.. Woopeee