Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grandma? !

So I'm walking into Sam's club Wednesday afternoon.

The young lady checking the club cards was very pregnant.

So I ask - "When are you due?"

Sam's Club Lady - "The beginning of May"

I say - "Oh, congratulations you look really good."

SCL then said - "How old are your children or are those your grandchildren?"



Grandchildren. How old do I look?! I have never considered plastic surgery or even botox but I had a brief flash and considered it. For just a short moment. Ok, yes, I actually am old enough to be a grandma but, but, UGH! ....

I politely said they were my kids, smiled and walked away.

Grandchildren .....


RunBubbaRun said...

I guess I know what your name will be this weekend while running around in the woods..


The Clyde said...

No worries....before I started this IM training, people (mostly friends) would ask me when I was "due" all the about a shot to my self esteem.....