Monday, October 15, 2007

The 50 Mile Question

While I was making dinner Sunday night I asked Scott -

Me - What would you say if I said I wanted to run a 50 mile race?

Scott - What, like one of those Ultramarathons?

Me - Yeah.

Scott - Well, I was worried about you passing out during the Ironman or messing all over yourself and then crawling across the finish line, like that woman we watched 20 years ago, but since that didn't happen I guess you can do what ever you put your mind to.

Me - So you wouldn't mind if I did one, say next spring?

Scott - Nope, knock your socks off.

Silence. Then in typical competative Scott mode

Scott - How long do think it would take you? Probably 10 hours huh!? Figure your worst marathon time and then double it ....

1 comment:

RunBubbaRun said...

What!! run 50 miles, that's crazy!!!!

It's actually double your marathon time plus 2 hours..

I'll let you know if I figure the 100 mile formula as well :)

ps. I think it's time to get some trail shoes now.