Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby Jogger

I gave away my baby jogger today. My babies are 4. Huh, can't really call them babies :) They are 4 and can run with me now. I didn't think the day would come that I would even have children or a baby jogger and now the day is here that I'm giving the jogger away. The picture above is our first day using the baby jogger.

I am left with the great memories of pushing my two kids for miles and miles. Over time I went from making sure they stayed bundled and warm while we ran on chilly mornings to going back for dropped toys that they let go of because they drifted off to sleep to last year when they would tell me which street we should turn down for the day's jog. Yup, I guess when they are old enough to tell you which way you should turn, well it's time to give the stroller away.

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