Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a BLAST!

Some months back Dennis sends me an email about doing some run/obstacle race right near my house. Well, a couple months back I couldn't think about what I was doing the next day let a lone in 3 months, so I deleted the message and moved on.

In early June he reminds of the race. I'm feeling pretty good at that point and decided to do the race. Yeah! This is one of those things in life I've always wanted to try and I was really excited about doing it.

Here's the link to the race

Honestly, I didn't sleep Friday night. Thoughts of fire pits and dark caves were freaking me out. Plus, I heard from Ironman Louisville, they don't roll over entries but offered me $150 refund. I was disappointed and wondered was I making the right decision. To late now, the check's in the mail. (And yes, I'm making the right decision, I'm training about 5 hours a week, my ego is back to normal if I think I could complete and Ironman distance on that kind of training - DOH!)

So, get up Warrior Dash morning. Eat, stretch, no yoga though, didn't want to bend the wrong way and pull something - and waited for Dennis.

I was farely calm when we arrived at the race site. Even when I saw the fire pit, with the dark smoke and orange flames. I was really excited about just getting out there, trying something new, something different and just doing it.

Got to see Rick as we all lined up in our respective waves. Ended up getting in the wrong wave, so I guess I was nervous. Got out and into the correct one.

And before I knew it I was off. I loved every single step of this thing. It was a lot like trailing running but no real trail just a heavily traveled grassy area. It was a 2 loop course, the 1st loop was running with some rolling hills at the very end. When I say rolling hills, I mean it literally. Not little tight rollers like in a 5 or 10k, these rollers are the kind of rollers like when you are a kid and you're riding your bike home from the library and you purposely go by the new houses they are building cause there are mounds of dirt you get to ride up and then down consecutively. FUN STUFF!!!

The 2nd loop starts and you run around and then over old cars, hmm, what was next, um, you then run down a steep ravine, over a 2 x 4, back up the ravine and then do it again about 10 feet away, next you pull yourself over a ply wood wall and then do it again (this was the hardest thing for me and I probably lost about a minute on the 1st one but gained my composer and did the 2nd one no problem) I guess some folks had some real trouble because Rick told me he had about a 300 person wait when he got to this point. UGH! That would have sucked. Then you ran thru this stone fort (thankfully not the dark cave I feared), next ran thru a mud pit (where many lost their shoes) ran thru a city that looked a lot like an abandoned movie lot, next was the fire pit - which by this point was very low and finally crawled thru another mud pit which was about 5 to 10 yrds long. Which I loved!

Here's my complaint - let's see if I can make this clear without to many words. The athletes were complaining this event wasn't challenging enough. Hmmm. Hmmmm...... Ok, granted it wasn't some army training course but I think for $40 - I got what I signed up for. And, here's the kicker, these people complaining about the challenge, when we got to the mud pit, some of them were actually holding up the barbed wire and walking under it! Huh?! I started yelling at the guy in front of me that was doing that. What the heck - he was griping and complaining for 10 minutes and finally gets to a point where he can get down and dirty and he chose to be a pansy!

Anyway, I highly encourage everyone to do this race. I had so much fun. I said I wanted to finish in about 40 minutes and ended up doing it in 37+. When I was done I wanted to do it again - right then!

It was a blast. :) I'm thinking about signing up for the Men's Health Urbanathon. We'll see - :)

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