Thursday, June 12, 2008

HE is my Rockman

HE is my Rockman

He brought us to His beautiful forest where we could be at peace; where we could camp near His beautiful lake.
He blessed us with a sprinkling during the night; sleep well my brothers and sisters but let this shower be a prelude of what’s in store for the day ahead.
He was with us as we awoke; He nourished our bodies and filled us with excitement.

We felt Him as we swam; His water was refreshing, His seaweed was His way of providing an additional challenge.

He was with us as we biked; His 60+ mph tailwinds gave us strength as we sped across His land.
Once again, He blessed us…He showered us to keep us cool and to keep us on our toes.
He showed His Rockman strength when He flashed a bolt of lightening across the sky as His way to say; ride swifter my son.

He was with us as we arrived back at transition, when we emptied our running shoes of His waters.
He again showed His Rockman strength when he toppled His large trees onto His running path as if to say; it’s simply another challenge, my sons…keep running.

He was with us at the finish; He greeted us with His cheers, He helped us smile, He helped us cross the line, He proclaimed, well done my children…
for you are now Mightier, Stronger, and Magnificent!

Wow, I wish I could get my mind to put words together like this. Thanks Gil for letting me share it. :)

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