Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Trail Running and Signing With a :)

Ran the trails both Saturday and Sunday. It was challenging for sure. Saturday was snowy and icey and by Sunday, well it was just a mess. We ran the streets for 7 1/2 miles. It would have been 7 but I got us lost coming back. Nothing worse than getting a group of cyclists lost while running back to get on their mountain bikes. After the road run a trimate and I kept going on the trails. Starting out is wasn't bad. We were warned before getting on the we would slide just by standing on the ice. We had our yax trax on whiched helped things go smoothly on the ice. The mud was what was making things difficult. If it wasn't icy then it was muddy. And the mud stuck. Just when I would free myself from it by running, I would run thru more. UGH! With about 4 miles left I started slipping all over the place. After stopping for some water I realized my yax trax rolled up my foot. So, I pulled it down, mud - yuck and all and finished slip free.

Don't ask why I feel the need to write this but I do, so here it goes. I'm not the kind of person that dotted my i's with hearts growing up or put cutesy little pictures on stuff. Well, except for me and Cin, we had this one thing we would always put on our notes in high school, but that's not what I'm talking about. For some reason, when I write emails, I'm compelled to sign off with a smile - you know :). I've tried stopping with the new year but can't. Hmmm, suppose I could have a worse habit that I can't break. I'll figure this out eventually. :)

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