Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Pics and a Resolution

That's me, coming in from a double loop ride up in Verona. If I'm not mistaken this was the day I met my possium friend. With all the riding I did last summer, I saw a lot of road kill.

Ah, nothing like an ice cold lemonade after a long ride. Well, it wasn't ice cold but it did taste good. :)

What a crazy day this was up at the Dairyland Dare. Rain, wind, sun. A very well organized ride.

Here's Gracie and Zak during one of our many trips to the zoo this summer.

Bike transition at the Ironman. What do I like best about this picture? After looking at I realized Scott is just a head of me on the bike. See the middle left? And just behind me is Gil. Never knew I was that close to Scott on the bike until looking at the pics a couple of weeks after the race.

Halloween 2007 - the Barbie Cheerleader and the dragon/dinosaur/Spidarman lizard

It's obvious this me and Scott on our wedding day. We celebrated 20 years in 2007. Tom R. asked me how long we've been married - he then asked how old the kids were - and then in usual Tom fashion quipped - "Man you guys must love each other to be married for that long and not have kids."

Scott and the kids putting a gingerbread house together this Christmas. We tried baking gingerbread men to decorate ourselves, the recipe I used called for a 1/4 cup ginger - it was a typo - we got some cool looking cookies that we couldn't eat. So I bought the packaged house - funny thing is we aren't eating that either. :)

My trimates on the last long run/ride of the year (well, that I made it to, there was one more after this one). It was foggy but not as foggy as it looks. My camera was breaking down - Santa brought me a new one for Christmas. :)

I am truly blessed. I lived a good year and look forward to 2008. My resolution. I don't like to make them - but this year I think I discovered something about myself and am going to try to live by the words - "trust a man by not what he says but by what he does".


RunBubbaRun said...

My resolution, "don't say to much but carry a big stick".

Ohh the memories, I think 2008 will be a little more interesting for the both of us.

MJ said...

Congrats to a great 2007! I look forward to seeing what's next on your agenda!