Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Train is Leaving the Station but I Won't Be On It

Times are a change'n.

I hate change.

Well, most of the time.

I left the work force 7 years ago after my kids were born. 7 years almost to the day I left I started working again.

The hubby is having hip surgery and will be off of work for a while. We have a nestegg but it would be absolutely ridiculous to spend all of it if we didn't have too.

So, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to a part time temp job I go. A job that is very flexible and one that I'm enjoying.

On another note. There is more change a brew'n.

Tri club. New Tri club. Which is a good thing. The folks in the southern burbs of Chicago have been wanting a club with precise direction for a while now, like 5 years, for a while now. "Now" has come.

I was flattered when I was told that I was nominated for the "secretary" role in the club (that I did tell the president I would be interested in). But had to turn the offer down. There is to much going on right now and the attention that the club deserves isn't something I can give it. Right now, things are going to do nothing but get better for the Tri-Smart club.

But part of me feels like my tri-mates are getting on a train and I am watching them ride away. I keep telling myself I'll drive to the destination and meet up with them. I hope so.

I'm tired. All this change. The kids look like they get bigger every other week. I'm getting older. So, things have changed. Again.

And one more thing. It was nice to see you at the track Keri. You look good.

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RunBubbaRun said...

Sometimes we just need to hop on a train (any train) and see where it leads us.

Change is good sometimes.